Instagram, easier to comment with emoji

The latest update to the socia platform allows Android and iOS users to have the most used emoji at their fingertips

After a few months of testing, which began in May 2018, Instagram has released a new feature for Android and iOS users. Now commenting with an emoji, that is, with a funny face or symbol, will be much easier than in the recent past.

Basically, Instagram has added to the comments section a shortcut bar to find with a touch the emoji we use most often within the social media. In this way we can comment on the photos of our contacts, oppur use an emoji on the captions of our photos, without wasting time opening the keyboard of the smartphone and browsing through the various funny faces on our phone. As soon as we click on a photo to comment on it we'll find a bar with the latest emoji used and if we click on one of them the social media will automatically add it to our comment in such a way as to send it with a single touch to our contact.

How to use the shortcut for emoji on Instagram

If we have an iPhone or an Android smartphone and we want to start posting lots of emoji on Instagram without having to look for them in the keyboard of our phone we must first update the application to the latest version available. How to do that? Simple, if we have an Android go to Google Play Store if we have an iOS device launch the App Store. Here in the section dedicated to our applications scroll up to find the entry Instagram and press on it. The tab dedicated to the social media will open and we'll have to tap on the item Update. Once the process is finished the application will be updated and on our smartphone we will have the shortcut to Instagram emoji.

At this point to use the function we launch the social media of photos and try to comment on any image to do a test run. Opening the section dedicated to comments we will notice that above the keyboard we will find a new bar dedicated to the emoji that we use most frequently within the platform. It is possible that at first the bar is empty because Instagram has not yet saved the cute little faces that we have used most frequently. To remedy this, just start posting some comments with emoji and the bar will update automatically. As mentioned this "shortcut" for emoticons can also be used in the creation of our captions and not only to comment on the photos of others.