How to create custom emoji

Thanks to the site EmojiBuilder you can make custom emoji to share immediately on social networks and messaging applications

If emoji are your passion why not create your own? Yes you read that right, to send funny faces and symbols we don't have to download third-party applications and programs. We can design our own emoticons to be used in chat thanks to the EmojiBuilder website.

Once connected to the EmojiBuilder website we can start customizing our faces. The site is extremely intuitive even though it is in English. Faces, animals, products and objects are divided by category and you only have to browse the menu to find them all. The great thing about EmojiBuilder is that it allows us to combine two or more emoji at a time. For example, we'll be able to recreate a funny face that eats watermelon or a man playing with his dog. Once our "work of art" is complete we can also share it with our friends, thanks to the social media and messaging applications we use most often.

How to create an emoji

At this point the question for emoji fans is: how can I create a customized emoticon with EmojiBuilder? Simple, once connected to the site we'll find a part of the page blank, and that will be our working "whiteboard", while on the right we'll find a small menu. The first section, called "Clear Canvas" is used to clean up the working board if we don't like the smiley we created. Below we find the "Save as PNG" button. Basically the button to press when the work is finished to save the project. And the last section is "Categories", the symbol categories, divided into: Faces, Hearts and Symbols, Objects, Food, Nature and Animals and body parts (hands, ears, arms and so on). To start working we select a face or other symbol from the Categories and with the mouse we can select and move every single element of the emoji. Of each element we can select and move every detail. For example of a face we can modify eyebrows, mouth, eyes and so on. In practice, thanks to EmojiBuilder there will be no limit to our imagination and we will be able to create the most bizarre and funny emoji.