La Casa di Carta 5: on social media, Rio’s sad farewell

Miguel Herrán says goodbye and thanks to his Rio: is it a small spoiler about the character or is filming over? Here's what we know.

More than a year has passed since the release of the fourth season of The House of Paper and we still don't know the release date of the fifth. Many fans were waiting for the new episodes just in April 2021, but Netflix did not add the title in the catalog, triggering general disappointment. Now there is another news that increases the hype and concerns the character of Rio.

Rio, played by actor Miguel Herrán, has been part of the gang since the first season. In fact, he was one of the first to be recruited by the Professor. His sweet but combative character and his poignant love story with Tokyo have made him one of the most beloved characters in La casa de Papel. And it's only natural that the audience awaits his return, along with that of all his companions. At the same time, it's quite dangerous to get attached to characters in the TV series, because their lives could end in a few scenes. It happened with Nairobi, Berlin and others. And now Miguel Herrán, interpreter of Rio, saying goodbye to his character on Instagram raises concern. What does he want to communicate to us?

Thanks Rio: the worrying post of Miguel Herrán

"Rio has been an incredible journey with you. Today we close a stage of life together with you, and I want to tell you two things: thank you and I love you!" This is the message posted by actor Miguel Herrán on Instagram, which in a few hours went around the world. Next to it is a photo of his smiling face behind the mask while traveling by car. A trip back from filming just finished? A little spoiler for all fans of the series? The words appear rather cryptic, also because still no one has made official the end of filming of the fifth season.

Under the post there were thousands of comments, including those of his colleagues: Pedro Alonso, interpreter of Berlin, Jaime Lorente (Denver), Álvaro Morte who instead is the Professor. Hearts, questions, many thanks but also doubts and perplexities: the comments are a mix of emotions that give space to many hypotheses related to Rio's character. However, his fate is still unknown and the news will be kept secret at least until the new episodes are published.

When will the fifth season of The House of Paper be released

Everyone was waiting for the release of The House of Paper on April 7, but this did not happen. Filming, which began in August 2020, has been severely delayed due to the Covid-19 health crisis. The situation is complicated, also because the series is filmed in different countries around the world: Spain, Portugal and Denmark and we know that travel has been impractical for months.

In recent months, however, the actors have posted many photographs on the set and it seems that the situation is more or less back to normal. Many of them have already made themselves the protagonists of unintentional spoilers such as Najwa Nimri. So Miguel Herrán's photo is just the latest in a long series. Surely for the actor are finished filming, because in recent days other cast members are engaged in other projects.

All these clues are enough to assume with certainty that surely we will see the fifth season in 2021. To deceive the wait, the audience can find many series similar to The House of Paper in the different streaming platforms. Happy viewing!