Facebook gives Galaxy S9 and iPhone, the scam travels on social

A message published by what seems to be the official Facebook account and that promises gift smartphones, but it is a scam

A message published by an account that seems to be the official Facebook account and that promises to give 30 lucky users an Amazon Gift Card worth 1000 euros, a Galaxy S9 or an iPhone X. This is the latest scam that is going viral on social networks, especially on Facebook. To launch the alarm  is the Facebook account of the Postal Police, always very active in reporting online scams that could affect users.

The scam is very well thought out: a message that seems to be published by the official Facebook account and gift products that are in high demand by users. The scam text is written in near-perfect Italian and uses simple but very explicit language. It invites the user to click on the image in the message to win a smartphone or a gift card. If you have little experience with social networks, it is very easy to fall into this trap and become a victim of the scam. Here's how the iPhone X gift card scam works on Facebook and how to defend yourself.

The Galaxy S9 and iPhone X scam

"Every Tuesday, we choose 30 lucky users to offer them a chance to get the special prizes. Today you are one of them. We have prepared €1000 Amazon Gift Card, Samsung S9 and iPhone X for you. All you have to do is to choose the correct gift box. Good luck! Important: there are only 09 gifts left today! Note: You have 4 minutes and 42 seconds (with the clock ticking) to get your reward, or your spot will be given to other people. Time flies. Hurry up!" This is the text of the scam message that is going viral on Facebook. Accompanying the text is an image with six packages: clicking on one of them redirects you to an external website.

Here a message appears inviting the user to enter personal data to receive one of the 9 remaining gifts. The goal of the scammers is to get confidential information to be used for other scams or to sell personal data on the dark web. Logically, you will not receive any smartphone at home.

How to defend yourself against online scams

Although it is a very well thought out scam, it is very easy to defend yourself and not to fall into the trap set by the attackers. No one gives away products with a commercial value of more than 1000 euros online, unless they receive something as a gift.

Also, if someone asks you for sensitive information online (name, surname or identity card) make sure that it is a secure site. In many cases these are scammers looking for personal information.