Who is Gino, latest social catchphrase of 2017

Hundreds of Instagram posts literally submerged by the comment "Gino". Merit, if we can say so, of a youtuber and his many fans

If you happened to see a story or a post on Instagram (but it could also happen with a photo on Twitter or a video on Facebook) overwhelmed by the comment "Gino", it is not the fault of a virus or malware, nor of a hacker who, suddenly, has taken over the accounts of hundreds of thousands of Italian users.

It's simply - or sadly, you name it - the latest Italian social catchphrase of 2017. A catchphrase born, as often happens, from one of the many web and social stars of our country always ready to carve out another scrap of fame with the collaboration of their large fan base. And the fact that today is New Year's Eve and many Internet users are constantly on social networks to wish each other well or to look for ideas for the look to show off during the New Year's celebrations has ended up giving even more relevance and amplifying the reach of "Gino", who has become, despite himself, the latest social network star in Italian sauce.

How the catchphrase "Gino" was born on Instagram

It all starts from the mind of Gianmarco Tocco, Italian youtuber better known by the nickname of Blur. Taking advantage of the almost 300 thousand followers that he can count on various social channels, the young video maker has launched a real challenge: to fill Instagram with "Gino", commenting on every post or story that happened to shoot. It doesn't matter if it's a video by Fedez, a post by Ferragni or the wishes of Cristiano Ronaldo: there is no difference between Italian or foreign stars.

And if for most users it was a simple end-of-year game, for Tocco aka Blur it was a real "challenge to the system". "I wanted to leave one last sign in 2017, launch a revolt on Instagram - explains the young man - comment anywhere Gino no matter if you comment it to a Hollywood actor or a stranger, it must be full of Gino today."