La Casa di Carta 5, good news about the start of the new season

Alvaro Morte, actor who plays the Professor, revealed the imminent start of filming and some perplexities about the future of the TV series

The Professor has spoken: La Casa di Carta 5 will be released soon. The actor Alvaro Morte, who plays the role of the Professor in the Spanish TV series announced to the public the imminent start of filming. Once again, the revelations about the future of the episodes and the plot come not from the production, but from the actors themselves.

The House of Paper is one of Netflix's most important original content. It originated in Spain in 2017 where it was quite successful, which convinced the streaming platform to buy the rights and produce subsequent seasons. In April 2020, the fourth season was released. Due to the pandemic, the filming of the new episodes had been postponed and no one, neither cast nor production, had given any more updates. The wait, however, has not subsided, so much so that in recent weeks have been spread fake footage, immediately denied by the official channels of the series. But now it is the Professor to reveal important news in an interview.

La Casa di Carta 5: filming begins

The actor Alvaro Morte, the Professor of La Casa di Carta has announced the start of filming, bringing closer the release date of the TV series. In short, the fifth season will be there, although it has not yet been announced by Netflix. The actor spoke of "imminent filming" and revealed that he has received guidance on how to behave on set to minimize the risk of contagion.

He began by saying "They let us know that it will be more difficult and that it will take longer than under normal conditions." Yes, because of the pandemic it will not be easy to shoot the different scenes: the actors, when possible, have to wear a mask especially to keep their distance.

The House of Paper 5: effects of Covid-19 on the plot

The Coronavirus and the fear of contagion could affect the writing of the scenes. In fact, keeping your distance is not easy especially when you have to shoot intimate scenes or fights, so Alvaro hopes that a solution will be found without having to sacrifice the script or the performance of the actors.

He went on to say, "The security measures will hinder the work days a lot and I just hope that all this is momentary and that, with a vaccine or something like that, we will get back to doing things as before." These were the words said during an interview with

La Casa di Carta 5: release date

Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed down entire productions, among them also La Casa di Carta: there is still no official release date for the fifth season. If the filming will begin soon, surely we will see the new episodes in the spring of 2021, but everything depends on the evolution of the emergency. In the meantime, Netflix is not unbalanced but it is now certain that we can see the Professor and his companions for at least two more seasons, in fact there is already talk of La Casa di Carta 6.

How to see La Casa di Carta streaming

Those who have not yet done so can start watching the other four seasons available on Netflix: to do so, you must subscribe to the service and use one of the many devices available. The platform is now one of the most comprehensive in circulation, offering in fact a flood of content, from TV series to movies, up to documentaries and TV shows.