La Casa di Carta 5: here’s why you didn’t see any spoilers

Netflix had a great idea to convince Italy's most hardened spoilers to hold their tongues and fingers in check: 5 hours no spoilers thanks to the "No-Spoiler Zone"

If there is one thing that fans of TV series hate are undoubtedly spoilers, that is, the practice of writing on the Web or on social media anticipations on the plot of a series ruining the vision to those who have been waiting for the last episode for a long time. Unfortunately, however, the Web is full of inveterate spoilers, who spill everything in a disrespectful way.

And yet all this almost didn't happen with the five episodes of La Casa di Carta 5, which is available on Netflix since 9 am this morning and of which there are still no spoilers in circulation, except for the one about the locations of the fifth season. Which is great for most viewers: at 9 am in Italy we work, fans of the series will see the new episodes only this evening, when they return home. But how is it possible that the grand finale of the most successful series of recent years is also one of the least spoiled of all time? The answer is given by Netflix itself, which has announced that it has created a special "No-Spoiler Zone" for the most avid spoilers in Italy. Where is it? In the skies.

The Netflix No-Spoiler Zone

If Muhammad doesn't go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad. The old saying fits perfectly to describe what Netflix has done: since it is more than difficult to convince the hardened spoiler to put aside the phone, and since it is completely legal to spoil any kind of content, including volume 1 of The House of Paper Part 5, Netflix has made the most avid Italian spoilers a proposal that they could not refuse.

They were all taken (but Netflix doesn't tell us who they are or how many) and put on a plane, which took off at 9am to coincide with the launch of the 5 new episodes of the TV series.

On the plane, the spoilers were able to attend an exclusive screening of Volume 1 of La Casa di Carta 5, but they obviously had to turn off their cell phones. And there you have it: 5 hours of air travel, 5 hours of screening, 5 hours no spoilers.

Those who saw the episodes this morning, therefore, enjoyed them all from beginning to end without indiscretions of any kind. Hopefully the spoilers have also understood the lesson, and now avoid talking and writing too much at least until tonight, when millions of Italians will be able to see Volume 1 sitting comfortably on the couch at home.

La Casa di Carta 5, Volume 2

This fun and enjoyable gimmick will be repeated by Netflix at the end of the year: on December 3, La Casa di Carta 5 Volume 2 will be released, another 5 episodes with the grand finale of the TV series that has kept millions of fans around the world glued to their screens.

On that date too, the "worst" spoilers will be "kidnapped" and put on a plane for an exclusive screening.