La casa di carta will have a Korean remake: cast ready

Directly from South Korea comes the remake of the famous Spanish TV series. Here's who will play the famous characters of the gang

The House of Paper is among the most popular TV series of recent years: it is now in its fifth and final season. While waiting for the last episodes to be released, a Korean remake of the popular Spanish show is in production. But what will it be about?

The themes will be very similar: a group of thieves, led by a charming and intelligent leader, will sneak into one of the strongest organizations in the country, to carry out the heist of the century. The only difference is that the series will not be set in Spain but in South Korea. So there will be the detective story, but also drama, love and romance. In recent years, Asia has shown that it can play an important role in the global entertainment market and this news only confirms it. On the other hand, the executive producer will be the same creator of The House of Paper, Álex Pina. For this reason, the public is already in turmoil, curious to find out what are the names in Korean and the faces of the gang of thieves. It is no coincidence that a few days ago the official cast was announced: here is who it consists of.

The House of Paper: all about the Korean remake

The production has negotiated with model Yoo Ji-tae for the role of Sergio Marquina, "the Professor" originally played by Álvaro Morte. Yoo Ji-tae has already acted in many Asian films, where he also had the role of director. He seems perfect for the role of the Professor.

Korean-American actor Kim Yun-jin will play Inspector Seon Woo-jin, which is the role of Raquel Murillo from the original series. Raquel and the professor fall in love at the end of the first robbery, so the same fate is likely for the Korean characters.

The gang will instead consist of Park Hae-soo as Berlin, while Jeon Jong-seo will be Tokyo, Park Jung-woo as Rio, Kim Ji-hun as Denver, Lee Won-jong will be Moscow, Jang Yoon-ju will be the iconic Nairobi, Kim Ji-hun as Helsinki and Lee Kyu-ho as Oslo. They are all very famous actors in Korean cinema and TV, and if the project becomes famous, their names will spread all over the world.

The plot will be exactly the same as in The House of Paper, and there will even be Arthur, who in the Korean version will be played by Cho Youngmin. In fact, he will be the hostage taken by the gang in order to obtain some concessions from the police.

Alex Pina is also involved in the project, for which he said he was enthusiastic: "Korean creators have been developing their own language and audiovisual culture for years. They have managed, like our series, to go beyond cultural boundaries and become a reference point for thousands of viewers around the world, especially among young people."

The House of Paper 5: Delays Release

In the meantime, there is still no news about the release on Netflix of The House of Paper 5. It was supposed to be released on April 7, 2021, but it does not appear in the platform's official calendar. Nevertheless, according to several rumors it should arrive within the year in streaming.

We just have to wait and in the meantime watch Sky Rojo, of the creators of the Spanish show or 3 series similar to La casa di carta.