Soon we’ll be speaking “dolphin” thanks to artificial intelligence

A Swedish startup has created an artificial intelligence capable of conversing with dolphins and able to instantly translate 45 different human languages Artificial intelligence able to analyze and understand different human languages has made huge strides in recent times. Developments so important that now with this technology it will be possible to translate animal language as … Read more

Offerte telefono fisso e Internet: 5 promozioni di maggio 2021

Gli avanzamenti tecnologici che hanno caratterizzato gli ultimi anni hanno permesso a un numero sempre maggiore di persona di attivare delle offerte telefono fisso e Internet in fibra ottica, con le quali è possibili raggiungere, in molte città, la velocità massima di 1 Giga in download.  Chi fosse interessato all’attivazione di una nuova promozione Internet … Read more

Amazon Business: what it is, how it works and when it’s worthwhile

Since 2018, Jeff Bezos’ company has also entered the field of e-commerce in the B2B sector, presenting the Italian version of Amazon Business. This marketplace, exclusive for businesses and professionals with a VAT number, allows you to make it easier and faster to buy online the products needed for your business, providing a series of … Read more

Guide to choosing the best free antivirus for computers

Looking for the best free antivirus for computers? A task that is anything but simple, given the large number of software available online. Here’s a guide that will allow you to orient yourself in choosing the free antivirus for your pc. How to choose the antivirus? Many people are looking for the best free antivirus … Read more