Fiat-Chrysler: the car of the future will be an electric minivan. Photos

The concept will be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, which starts on January 5. The car will integrate Level 3 autonomous driving and will have a long battery life

At CES 2017 there will also be room for cars of the future. Fiat-Chrysler for example will use the visibility of the international event dedicated to consumer electronics to present its idea of an electric car with autonomous driving.

Portal, this is the name that the Italian-American automotive group has given to the concept, is an eco-sustainable minivan dedicated to families. According to FCA's wishes, the electric minivan represents "the next generation of family transportation designed by millennials for millennials." Portal in fact has all the features to be used not only as a vehicle but also as a space for fun and relaxation thanks to the many features it includes. Inside, for example, there are cameras for taking selfies and an audio area where passengers can listen to their favorite music.

Portal, the electric vehicle that drives itself

Portal is therefore a concept that describes the idea that the automotive group has regarding the electric car of the future. One of the main features of the minivan is autonomous driving. The green vehicle in fact includes the self-driving level 3 that, thanks to the integrated hardware structure, can be upgraded to the next level, which ensures a more complete autonomous driving. The interior is also attractive thanks to the LED lighting system and the numerous docking stations for tablets and smartphones. Portal's various features can also be activated by voice. The advanced voice recognition system will allow drivers to launch music tracks, manage the navigation system and much more.

A long-life battery

Portal, according to FCA, has a long-life battery that gives the minivan up to 250 miles of range (more than 400 kilometers) on a single charge cycle. Then, thanks to the quick charge technology, you will be able to get 241 kilometers (241 miles) of range with just 20 minutes of charging.

Despite being just a concept, Fiat - Chrysler's minivan has all the credentials to become the car of the future and if you want to get more information, you just have to follow the CES 2017 that will start next January 5 in Las Vegas.