What to know about the Fiat Panda’s Wind Wi-Fi router

The Fiat's hatchback allows you to connect to the Internet even while on the road. Here's how the system devised by technicians from Turin works

How many times has it happened to you, during a long car trip, to have to give up using your smartphone because your data connection is running out? A problem that will soon be a thing of the past: more and more manufacturers, in fact, are adding connectivity systems to the list of options to be added to the configuration of their vehicles.

An example is the Panda Connected by Wind, a hi-tech model aimed at young people from the Turin-based manufacturer. Thanks to an ingenious system, in fact, the latest Panda to arrive on the market allows you to connect to the Internet while traveling and update social networks or listen to streaming music without any more worries. How? Thanks to a Wind subscription that provides a monthly data package of 50 gigabytes. In short, it's like having a second SIM card to use when you need it most.

How the Wi-Fi works on the Fiat Panda

The solution adopted by Fiat technicians and engineers is probably less technological than that adopted by other manufacturers but very functional, even outside the car. Wi-Fi connectivity, in fact, is guaranteed by a portable Wi-Fi hotspot - a soap bar, in jargon - equipped with a Wind SIM card and powered by a dongle to be connected to the car's cigarette lighter. The quality of the connection, therefore, will depend on the strength of the 3-Wind network signal, to which the hotspot will connect while we are traveling both in Italy and abroad (since it is a SIM card, in fact, will ensure connectivity by virtue of roaming). The Wind soapbox allows the simultaneous connection of up to 15 devices including smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and even laptop PCs and can also be used outside the car thanks to the internal battery.

As specified by Fiat, the Panda Connected by Wind "leaves" the dealership with a SIM with a free rechargeable plan for 12 months. At the end of the promotion, it will be up to the car owner to choose whether to pay to renew it or not.