How to switch from Google Photos to Amazon Photos for free

Those who do not want to pay for more space on Google One for their photos can choose a free alternative: the most popular is Amazon Photos.

From June 1, 2021 the storage space for photos on Google One (Google's cloud storage service) is no longer free: now the photos and videos automatically uploaded from the Google Photos app, present in all Android smartphones, occupy part of the cloud space provided by the plan (free or paid) of the user. This also applies to the backup of photos in "high quality", that is, compressed and not transferred to Google One with the original quality and resolution.

The free storage space on Google One is 15 GB, so it is likely that there will be very little free space at the end of the summer: in fact, the summer is notoriously the season in which users make (and upload) most of the video-photo memories. Le soluzioni a questo punto sono due: o si sottoscrive un abbonamento a Google One per avere più spazio o si cerca un servizio gratuito alternativo. La prima opzione prevede un costo mensile di 1,99 euro per 100 GB, 2,99 euro per 200 GB, 9,99 euro per 2 TB, 49,99 euro per 10 TB, 99,9 euro per 20 TB o 149,99 euro per 30 TB (tutti i piani a partire da 2 TB includono la nuova VPN di Google). La seconda opzione, invece, può essere gratis se si sceglie Amazon Photos, il servizio di archiviazione delle foto in cloud incluso negli abbonamenti Amazon Prime, che offre archiviazione illimitata per le foto e 5 GB di spazio per i video.

Come scaricare le foto da Google Foto

Per spostare le proprie foto da Google Foto ad Amazon Photos è necessario, innanzitutto, scaricarle dal cloud di Google. Per farlo è sufficiente andare sul sito Google Takeout (, fare il login con il proprio account e poi selezionare solo Google Foto > Tutti gli album fotografici inclusi.

A large compressed file (Zip) will be created, which we will have to save on our desktop: depending on the amount of photos to download it might take quite some time, but eventually we will have the file on our computer and we can open it and unzip all the photos in a folder of our liking.

How to upload photos to Amazon Photos

Now we will have to go to Amazon Photos, and login with our Amazon Prime account. Then we'll be able to select from the computer all the photos we've downloaded from Google Photos and upload them to Amazon Photos by dragging them to the browser window or browsing through the folders on the computer.

Also in this case, depending on the amount and size of the photos, it could take a long time (especially if the connection used isn't lightning fast).

To make sure that all the photos taken later are automatically uploaded to Amazon Photos, finally, we'll just need to download the Amazon Photos app on our smartphone and enable automatic photo saving. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime to use Amazon Photos for free

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