Chrome updates with lots of new features: what changes

Chrome updates: here are all the new security features of Google’s browser and new features to discover A new version of Chrome has been released by Google and brings important changes for the security of your user experience. Chrome 84 automatically recognizes authentication codes that arrive via SMS, blocks popup notifications from “famous” spam sites, … Read more

WhatsApp Web, coming new emoji and verified accounts

WhatsApp has released a new version of the desktop application: now the user will be able to know if a business account is verified or not WhatsApp is updating. But for once we are not talking about the smartphone application, but about WhatsApp Web, the version made for the computer. Since it was officially launched, … Read more

Iliad: customers hear someone else’s phone calls, what’s going on?

More and more Iliad users are reporting interference in calls: during calls they hear voices and conversations of other people Reports of strange interference during calls by Iliad users are becoming more and more numerous. By initiating a call from their Iliad number, users can hear conversations of strangers. A problem that occurs especially for … Read more