How to speed up the internet on iPhone

To speed up the internet connection on iPhone you could try changing the DNS or choose an alternative browser to Safari Lately you’ve noticed that Safari doesn’t “whiz” like before. You have tried to turn on your iPhone again and nothing: the internet connection is still very slow. Restarting the router didn’t help either. Don’t … Read more

Redmi K50, Xiaomi confirms: it will be done and it will be so

Redmi has tickled the fan’s anticipation about the Redmi K50 range: here are the expectations of fans and what we know so far Despite the Redmi K40 range is still considered a novelty in China having been made official last April, the company would already be working on the next generation. And of course, the … Read more

There’s a new channel on Amazon Prime Video starting today

Italy is the first market outside the U.S. where Discovery+ programming is also coming via Amazon Prime Video. Here’s what’s on. Amazon Prime Video is expanding its package of available channels with a tasty addition for TV fans. This is discovery+, the streaming service of the Discovery group that makes real life entertainment its founding … Read more

The best sites to watch TV series and movies online in Italy

Watching movies and TV series online has never been easier. In recent years in Italy there has been a proliferation of platforms and services that allow the viewing of original content by paying a monthly subscription, or by purchasing the individual film or TV series. The merit of the success of TV on demand is … Read more

How to Start a Podcast

As children, some of us wanted to be astronauts, some wanted to be doctors or lawyers, and some wanted to be radio hosts. Today, at least the latter dream has become much more concrete thanks to the advent of podcasting. With the possibilities offered by the network, practically everyone can create their own podcast, to … Read more