Redmi K50, Xiaomi confirms: it will be done and it will be so

Redmi has tickled the fan's anticipation about the Redmi K50 range: here are the expectations of fans and what we know so far

Despite the Redmi K40 range is still considered a novelty in China having been made official last April, the company would already be working on the next generation. And of course, the rumor machine has gone full steam ahead to try to anticipate as much information as possible about the Redmi K50 range.

At this stage, the company, which we remind you was born from an initiative of Xiaomi and since January 2019 has become independent, is interacting with fans and enthusiasts to understand what they would like from the Redmi K50. A way to involve the end customer in the life and decisions of the company that OnePlus rivals have inaugurated several years ago through the official forum and that evidently has made proselytes, although the initiative of Redmi is more directed to the public "home" or on that market for which the Redmi K50 series is designed. In fact, the engagement these days took place on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook.

Fans' requests for the Redmi K50

Lu Weibing, Redmi's general manager, asked the public what their expectations were for the next generation of the company's "semi-top" smartphones: "What functionality, what features, or what kind of experience would you like on the Redmi K50?", asked the manager.

Needless to say, the responses from the many fans were not long in coming. Among the most recurring desires was the retention of ultra-fast 67-watt charging, and interestingly, there was a request that it remain wired and not wireless since some security-related skepticism still hovers over wireless charging.

Several others have asked for more storage space, many have invoked a configuration with 512 GB, while the battery capacity was confirmed once again among the central themes of our days: required at least 5,000 mAh.

The latest from the rumors about the Redmi K50

Some of the desires of fans would coincide with the ideas that Redmi already has in development for the Redmi K50. According to informant Digital Chat Station, the company would like to maintain the high performance on fast charging, which will probably have more power on the Pro variant than the "standard" one, which could continue in the wake traced by the Redmi K40 and its 33 watts.

On Redmi K50 should be taken care of to a greater extent even the multimedia: we expect improvements on the camera and the display, which according to the first information should have a quality comparable to that of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

New features in line with the philosophy with which the Redmi K series was born, that is to offer a product that could meet as much as possible the needs and requirements of the younger audience, which generally looks for products with excellent cameras and powerful enough to digest effortlessly long gaming sessions and for this, perhaps, also with a display with a high refresh rate.