Xiaomi confirms: Mi Mix 4 will have these two new features

It is close to the debut Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, but the same Chinese company takes care to keep the attention high anticipating two key features of Mi Mix 4.

The expectations towards Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, a series that does not get a new generation for a good three years, are great. And it is relatively serious for one of the series of products of the house that since the first generation has been appreciated for the stylistic boldness and technological innovations that have distinguished all three models presented so far.

The Mi Mix series of Xiaomi, among other things, has always aimed to maximize the so-called active surface, ie the portion of the frontal area occupied by the display (and therefore active): Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is ready to do so in a surprising way, focusing on a feature that fascinates consumers as much as it frightens manufacturers. This is the under-display camera, a solution that has the merit of removing an unsightly element that no one wants to see, such as the "notch" that houses the front camera, but which is also difficult to achieve because it poses significant production challenges, such as passing through the display the right amount of light that hits the front camera sensor.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4's under-screen camera

It wasn't easy, in other words, for those who embarked on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 project to get to the bottom of things, combining a cutting-edge feature like the under-screen camera with the high standards Xiaomi demands in terms of photo quality and camera non-visibility when the display is on.

What will be the final result we still don't know for sure, we will find out next August 10, the day in which the presentation (streaming of course) of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be held. And the date is also stamped on the posters spread in recent hours on Weibo even by CEO Lei Jun of Xioami in which are promoted two of the main features of the bold top of the range.

The first anticipates the presence of the camera under the screen, and does so through a glass that stands out on the Mix 4 logo and gives the idea of a visual surface not interrupted by anything, as it will be precisely on Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 thanks to a display that occupies almost the entire front surface without interruptions of any kind more or less unsightly, such as notch, holes, etc..

On the camera under the screen has also intervened the well-known informant Ice Universe, who shared on Twitter a comparison between the solution identified by Xiaomi and that of other manufacturers such as Oppo and ZTE. According to Ice Universe, what we find on Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be the best implementation of a camera under the screen.

The Ultra Wide Band of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Finally, the second teaser distributed on Weibo by the CEO of Xiaomi, anticipates the presence on Mi Mix 4 of another feature relatively new and therefore difficult to find on the competition, namely the Ultra Wide Band.

Also called UWB, simplifying a lot it is a kind of Bluetooth evolution that offers unprecedented location accuracy between compatible objects, in the order of centimeters. Here, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will join iPhone 12 and a few other products in offering Ultra Wide Band to users.