Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is already on pre-sale, but at an unknown price

The anticipation around Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is at its highest, and it is understandable for a product that will be revolutionary: the preorders "in the dark" are a success

It will come to light today, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, after a break that for the timing of current technology is cataloged as infinite. Three years of hiatus are not a few at all, yet Xiaomi has stopped so long for the series at the forefront of the range, the one with which the company has always experimented with new and fascinating solutions.

The Mi Mix family will return, and will do so in style with an innovation of its own. On Mi Mix 4 will come in fact - and it was confirmed by Xiaomi itself - the camera under the screen, one of the innovations that most tickle the imagination of fans of technology and progress. It was not easy for the company to get to a degree of evolution of this technology that would allow the debut for the masses: it took investment in research and development, months of work, but in the end it seems that the Chinese company has come to the head, although the last word will be the market. There will not be long to wait to see if the mission will be accomplished: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be presented today, August 10.

Mi Mix 4, a success the preorders "in the dark"

The fact that the presentation is a matter of a few hours does not imply, almost certainly, that we Europeans will have such a short time. Should not be in doubt the marketing of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 on European soil, mind you, but it is plausible that Xiaomi wants to first market it in China, and then extend in a second time the distribution in Europe, also not to tire the production chain that is already in trouble because of the global crisis of the chips.

The fact is that in the meantime some of the major Chinese online stores have already started pre-orders for Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 in order to be ready for the time of actual marketing. Understandable of course, curious instead is the fact that more than 230 thousand pre-orders have been collected on jd.com alone, without customers knowing the price of the Xiaomi smartphone.

The circumstance is indicative of the expectations towards the Mi Mix 4 and also of the trust that enthusiasts place in Xiaomi, and although purchase reservations are usually not binding it's a safe bet that a good part of the 230 thousand booked from words will pass to actions regardless of the price at which Xiaomi will decide to propose its jewel.

The price of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will not be low, on the contrary

After all, no one will be surprised if the smartphone with the camera under the display will arrive at prohibitive figures: several times in recent months the international press has warned the public that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will most likely be the most expensive non-folding Xiaomi smartphone ever, so those who have booked their place in line are probably aware of the expense to be faced.

The advantage of booking the order lies in the opportunity to have one of the first phones sent in the direction of customers and to get priority shipping, so in essence to be among the first fans in the world to get their hands on a certain product, which in this case is also one of the first smartphones with the exclusive camera under the screen.

See you in a few hours to find out in detail Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.