PS5, confirmations about price and pre-orders: how much will it cost

Rumors continue to come out about the release date and price of the PlayStation 5. Here's everything we know

Not a day goes by without new and important rumors about the PlayStation 5 that concern the price, the release date and the pre-order date. But also information on features still kept hidden by Sony and that will be revealed in the next State of Play, the series of events that the Japanese company is holding in recent months to reveal little by little the features of the console. It was expected a new appointment for the end of August in which Sony would announce price and release date of the PS5, but for the moment there is nothing in the program.

This continuous postponement forward the date and the official cost of the console does nothing but feed rumors that very often prove false. Although in recent days are all very similar to each other: the price of the PS5 should be 499.99 euros, while the Digital Edition version will cost 100 euros less. The release date should oscillate between November 13 and 20, slightly later than the Xbox Series X expected for the first week of the same month. As for pre-orders, however, the date set is September 9. Here's everything you need to know.

PlayStation 5, price, release date, pre-order date

Let's shed some light on the many rumors that have come out in recent weeks about the console's price and release date. The latest rumor about the cost of the PS5 comes from eBay: a Spanish store quite quoted has opened the pre-orders, setting the price of the console "normal" to 499 euros, while for the Digital Edition the price is 449 euros.

Prices that you have to take with the pliers, since much information in the ad is wrong. For example, the price for shipping is almost 250 euros, while the shipping date is scheduled between October 9 and 22. Dates and information completely wrong. The most likely hypothesis is that the PS5 costs 499 euros, while the PS5 Digital Edition 399 euros.

As for the release date, there are two most likely days: November 13 or November 20. In both cases it is a Friday, a day usually chosen by software houses and companies to launch video games and technological products. In addition, it would be just before Black Friday and Sony could take advantage of the day to launch some special discounts.

The pre-orders, however, could open earlier than expected: September 9. To launch this indiscretion is the Twitter user IronManPS5, who in previous days had also said his piece on the price and release date of the console and the various accessories. If the date is confirmed, then it means that Sony is organizing a new event and that it will be held by September 9.

PlayStation 5, how much free space there will be in the hard disk

One of the highlights of the PS5 is definitely the Custom SSD that will ensure great speed by reducing to zero seconds the loading time. The hard drive is made directly by Sony and has a capacity of 825GB. This space, however, can not be all used for the installation of video games. In fact, according to some rumors the free one will be about 650-700GB. The rest is occupied by the new operating system, which turns out to be quite heavy. And this can be a real problem: the games for the new console will weigh a lot and that means you'll only have room for a couple of titles.