PS5, Amazon reveals the price: here’s how much it will cost

Amazon Uk may have revealed the price of the PlayStation 5: it will cost more than 600 euros. But it will have a 2-terabyte SSD

To find out what has been presented by Sony, click on this link.

We are only a few hours away from the event organized by Sony for the presentation of the PlayStation 5. The appointment is set for 22:00 on June 11. For the moment we still do not know what the Japanese company will present: sure is the presence of the first games that will be available at the launch of the console, while there is much uncertainty about the fact that Sony also reveals the design and the price, two information much awaited by the community.

The price of PS5 has been discussed a lot in recent months and with the passage of time has risen. Initially, it started at $399, but soon went to $499. On the sudden increase of the likely price of the console have affected the cost of components and also the outbreak of the global pandemic that stopped production for a few months. Now comes a new anticipation on the cost of PS5 and most likely will not please fans: the price could be more than 600 euros.

Price PS5, comes the anticipation of Amazon

The British user Wario64 has published on Twitter a screenshot of the Amazon UK page on a model of PS5 with 2TB of memory. In addition to the technical specifications, there is also the price: 599.99 pounds. At the current change are about 670 euros and it is likely that once arrived on the European market, the cost rises to 699 euros.

On the tweet and the veracity of the news, however, there are many doubts. First of all, the price published by Amazon UK could be a simple placeholder waiting for official communications from Sony, which could arrive even this evening (but on this there are many doubts). Moreover, the PS5 model shown in the screenshot has not yet been presented by the Japanese company: the console, in fact, has an 825GB SSD and not 2TB. If this is really the case, then it means that the PS5 will be made in two versions: a base model that could cost around 500 euros and a premium version of 700 euros.

When will the PS5 be launched

There are still many doubts about the PS5 release date. Sony has confirmed presentation events every month from June until the console's release date. The goal is to create hype around the product to increase sales and anticipation. We will probably know everything about the PS5 (features, price and release date) only between July and August.

Update June 11, 15:00 hours. Amazon denies the price of the PS5 and says that the one on the platform is the result of an error.