PS5, website shows the price of the console: here’s how much it will cost

The online site Play-Asia unveils the possible price of the PlayStation 5: it will be higher than expected and will cost more than 500 euros

After the presentation event of June 11 there are only two information still hidden PlayStation 5: the release date and the price. If the first we know approximately the period (holiday season 2020, probably between late November and early December), the second is still groping in the dark. Sony has not wanted to provide too much information on how much it will cost the PlayStation 5: Jim Ryan, president of Sony PlayStation, has let slip only a few words "The price of the PlayStation 5 will be reasonable"

Interpreting the words of the CEO of PlayStation is complicated: the PS5 has components that ensure high performance, but at the same time are expensive. Starting with the SSD disk made specifically for the console and that ensures virtually zero loading times. In the midst of all these doubts, another one is added: the online store Play-Asia has opened pre-orders for the PS5 and the Dual Sense controller, revealing the possible price of the console. Price that most likely will not make happy users: $ 699.

It is an information to be taken with due caution: first, in recent days even Amazon UK had opened the pre-orders by entering a price of £ 599, but after a few hours came the correction denying that it was the official price. In this case, however, the site Play-Asia has first published the cost of PS5 and then hid it. For what reason? Perhaps because it was a mistake.

How much will the PS5 cost, a real analysis

Until Sony reveals the price of the PS5, it will be possible to make only guesses. And in order not to fall into the fake news, it is necessary to make an analysis that takes into account primarily the cost of components. To understand what will be the price of the PlayStation 5 must necessarily start from what they cost the hardware components. Sony should spend between 400 and 450 euros just to buy the "raw materials" of the new console, to which we should add the costs for marketing and advertising. It is likely that the cost of the PS5 will be more than 500 euros. The PS5 Digital Edition is a different matter: the lack of a Blu-Ray player should lower its price: it's possible that it will cost a little less than 500 euros.

The Play-Asia website also revealed the possible price of the Dual Sense controller, and even in this case the news is not good: it exceeds 70 euros, much more than the PS4's Dual Shock.

When will the price of the PS5 be announced

Until Sony itself decides to unveil the cost of the console, we will continue to give way to the many assumptions of the various rumors. There is still no exact date on when the price of the PS5 will be revealed. Sony has only assured that until the console is launched, it will hold an event every month to reveal more details about the PS5. Perhaps July will be the month to know the price and launch date.