PS5, Amazon France reveals price and release date

Amazon France has included on the page dedicated to the PS5 the price of the console: 499 euros and release date set for November 20, 2020

It continues to hold bench one of the topics of greatest discussion in recent days: the price of the PlayStation 5. At the presentation event on Thursday, June 11, Sony showed only the video games that will be available at launch and in the following months (a total of twenty titles) and unveiled the design of the console, but on price and release date is still groping in the dark.

This has given rise to speculation and fake anticipations: first it was the turn of Amazon UK that opened pre-orders for the console setting a price of £ 599. Then the online site Play-Asia relaunched with a price of $699, a news that was however soon denied and the website was forced to hide the price. Now it's the turn of Amazon France that has created a page dedicated to the PS5 setting both the price and the launch date. A much lower price and in line with what has been leaked in previous months: 499.99 euros for the "normal" version.

How much will the PS5 cost

For the moment there has been no denial from Amazon France, but the price inserted in the page dedicated to the PS5 could be a simple placeholder inserted only to give an idea of how much the console will cost. On the other hand, this is the hypothesis that has been repeatedly taken up and launched in previous months. As mentioned, the cost of the PS5 could be 499.99 euros, lower than the hypothesis of recent days that exceeded 600 euros. The price refers to the normal version with Blu-Ray player.

As for the PS5 Digital Edition, however, an indiscretion on the price comes from Target, one of the largest supermarkets in the UK. The console without a disc player could be launched at around 400 euros, a price that is all in all acceptable and that could prove to be a winner in the strategy developed by Sony.

When will the PlayStation 5 be released

Amazon France, in addition to revealing the price, also sets a hypothetical release date for the PlayStation 5: November 20, 2020. A date in perfect harmony with what Sony announced earlier: by the 2020 holiday season. Moreover, November 20 is a Friday, a day when new consoles and video games are usually launched.