How to recover Ho.Mobile SIM PIN

Don’t remember the PIN of your Ho.Mobile SIM card? Simple: you just need to know the PUK code of your card. Here’s how to recover it A few months ago Ho.Mobile (also known as ho-mobile) arrived in Italy, the virtual and low cost operator of Vodafone that is shaking up the market with very low … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, smartphones with removable battery are back

The Galaxy A01 Core is a smartphone from Samsung with removable battery and a really low price: less than 100 euros The non-removable battery had become a must for smartphones on the market, even among the cheapest models. A revolution on the contrary, however, is what distinguishes the launch of Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, which … Read more

A “storm” of black holes has rocked the galaxy

A storm of black holes has rocked the galaxy. For scientists, it could tell us something about the origins of the universe. Black holes have been an unsolvable enigma for countless scientists, chief among them Albert Einstein. Astronomers have tried to deduce, from a distance of millions of light years and on the basis of … Read more

How to restore the right-click menu on Windows 11

Did the right-click menu of Windows 10 inexplicably disappear when switching to Windows 11? Don’t worry: here’s how to restore it The transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is already possible (only for those who meet the system requirements), but the operations – as widely communicated by Microsoft – proceed at a slow pace. … Read more

Amazon Prime Video, all the news for July 2020

Lots of news in July on Amazon Prime Video: from exclusive Italian movies to hit American series such as Mad Men and Modern Family Summer is getting into full swing and it does so also with a flurry of streaming news designed for all fans of movies and TV series. Amazon Prime Video has in … Read more