Apple Clips, Disney and Pixar characters arrive

Apple Clips updates with new features and Disney characters that can be used to make images more animated Apple Clips, the application to create funny photos and videos launched by the Cupertino company in March 2017, updates with new features that make it easier to edit photos and adds new characters to be included within … Read more

Is the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro more durable?

In a new test JerryRigEverything puts Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 under stress to see if it’s more or less durable than the 2018 iPad Pro When you have to choose which tablet to buy, you usually look at specs like the SoC, the amount of RAM installed, screen width and quality, and battery capacity. Never, … Read more

Easter 2021: 5 exclusive films arrive on Sky Cinema

Spend the Easter vacations together with five preview films: here are the titles and the complete schedule The Easter vacations have begun these days and this is an excellent opportunity to spend the days relaxing on the sofa, perhaps in front of a good movie. Sky subscribers will have a dedicated schedule consisting of 5 … Read more

Facebook is developing an audio chat like Clubhouse

Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on Clubhouse meant just what everyone was thinking: Facebook is going to attack the new social network of voice. The voice format is a growing trend in the world of social networks: Facebook knows it too, as it is working on an audio chat similar to Clubhouse, the most talked about social … Read more

Futmas 2019: here’s what’s under the Fifa tree

Christmas has also arrived on Fifa 19: Electronic Arts has launched the FUTmas event that puts up for grabs cards, uniforms and other prizes to be used in Fifa Ultimate Team FUTmas time on Fifa Ultimate Team is from December 14 to December 31. This is the Christmas event that Electronic Arts organizes every year … Read more