Apple Clips, Disney and Pixar characters arrive

Apple Clips updates with new features and Disney characters that can be used to make images more animated

Apple Clips, the application to create funny photos and videos launched by the Cupertino company in March 2017, updates with new features that make it easier to edit photos and adds new characters to be included within videos.

Thanks to the agreement signed with Disney and Pixar, users will be able to add Mickey Mouse, Goofy and all the characters from the latest cartoons of the two U.S. companies to images and videos. In addition, Apple also wanted to add new graphic effects that will make the images even more special: the user will be able to choose between colored frames and fluorescent lettering. In addition, there will be Disney-themed postcards, with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as protagonists. To get the Apple Clips update you'll need to download it from the Apple Store. Alternatively, you will have to download the application again.

How Apple Clips Works

Apple Clips has the same functionality as any video editing application. The user can in a matter of seconds create a funny movie using the filters present within the app. In addition to filters, you can also add music and subtitles to create videos that are ready to be uploaded to the main social platforms. In addition, the app takes advantage of artificial intelligence and automatically adapts songs and effects to the video so that they are in sync.