How to make Instagram’s Best Nine 2019

As every year-end, comes the appointment with the photo sharing platform’s Best Nine. Here’s how to make your own Instagram collage By now, it’s become a year-end custom for Instagram users. As happens, for example, even on Spotify, with the arrival of the last days of the year, on the social network for images you … Read more

There’s oxygen on Mars, and we’ll be able to breathe it

There’s oxygen on Mars, and NASA has found a way to make it breathable for future space missions. Mars exploration is now on the agenda in the affairs of NASA, and every other company engaged in space missions in the new millennium. They are looking for answers to crucial questions: how to make sustainable the … Read more

Now Facebook shows who won the U.S. elections

Facebook and Instagram against fake news on the U.S. elections: show American voters the results of the vote Facebook will show the winner of the U.S. elections. To announce it is the social network itself and, according to Facebook itself, this will serve to show voters an accurate projection based on the number of votes … Read more