Now Facebook shows who won the U.S. elections

Facebook and Instagram against fake news on the U.S. elections: show American voters the results of the vote

Facebook will show the winner of the U.S. elections. To announce it is the social network itself and, according to Facebook itself, this will serve to show voters an accurate projection based on the number of votes counted. In this way, the social network will try to give a cut to the fake news circulated in recent days.

Disinformation runs fast on social networks, especially in major events such as the election of the President of the United States. Although the votes are still under scrutiny, there are many fake news circulated on pages and profiles related to the victory of one or the other candidate. Waiting to know if Donald Trump will be reconfirmed or if the White House will pass under the command of Joe Biden, Facebook has chosen to set up a system able to monitor the veracity of the information, carrying on a battle to protect its users that has been going on for a long time now.

Facebook, here's how it will show who won the U.S. elections

To perform an effective service, Facebook and Instagram - for the occasion together with his older brother - will send their users a series of notifications. Through them, the confirmation of the name of the new president will be communicated, as soon as the information is confirmed by official sources.

The ads will be sent in the form of large banners, clearly visible and positioned at the top of the Facebook and Instagram homepage. With a headline that can intelligibly confirm the result, "A Presidential Winner Has Been Projected," and a caption with the name of the winning candidate, the social network will announce the result.

The message will be based on projections made by some of the major news outlets and news agencies that, during the count, release increasingly accurate information due to the increasing number of votes. Specifically, Facebook will be based on information released by Reuters, The Associated Press, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, ABC News and CBS News.

Facebook and the U.S. presidential election, other measures against fake news

This is not the only measure taken by Facebook during the American elections, this one related to the announcement of the winner. The social network has in fact decided to include in the posts published by Donald Trump and Joe Biden a link to the Vote Information Center, a section created specifically for the elections and available to clarify doubts or uncertainties regarding the current electoral appointment.