Why won’t my smartphone charge?

If you can't charge your smartphone, there may be several reasons. Here's what to do if your phone won't charge

We try and try, but nothing. The smartphone doesn't want to charge. What can it depend on? There are several causes. The USB cable is broken, the charger doesn't work anymore or the USB port of the smartphone is blocked. How do you find out why your smartphone is not charging? The only possible solution is to go step by step.

If all external components work perfectly, the smartphone's battery may be to blame. Usually, lithium-ion batteries have an average life of three to five years. But with new fast charging technologies, the battery life has been significantly lowered. If we charge the smartphone twice a day, after a year we will have to change the battery or buy a new phone. But as you know, replacing the battery in smartphones is really very complicated. Here are some tips on what to do when the smartphone doesn't charge.

Check the USB cable of the charger

In most cases the smartphone doesn't charge because of the USB cable of the charger. This is the most fragile and most easily broken part. A sudden movement is enough to damage the cable and make it unusable.

To find out if the problem is with the cable just do a simple test: take another USB cable and connect it to the charger. If the smartphone starts charging then the old USB cable was damaged.

Check the charger

If the USB cable is intact then the problem could be the faulty charger. Like all electrical components the charger tends to deteriorate after prolonged use. Due to high temperatures it may burn out or become unusable after a fall.

To check if the smartphone is no longer charging due to the charger, simply connect the USB cable to another adaptor and then to the smartphone. If it magically says "Charging", then the problem is solved.

Smudgy USB port on your smartphone

Small and very delicate. We are talking about the USB port present in all smartphones and that we use daily to charge the device. It can happen that some bread crumbs, a piece of paper or some dust, gets stuck in the USB port and create problems.

To clean the USB port just use a toothpick and remove foreign bodies, being very careful. These are delicate components and it takes very little to ruin them. When the cleaning is done, connect the smartphone to the charger and check if the lightning bolt icon will appear to indicate that charging has started.

Battery to be replaced

If the USB cable works properly, the charger is not damaged and the USB port is clean, then the battery is the problem. Sometimes the battery will stop working after a couple of years of use. These components have a limited lifespan and if you put them to a hard test they can suddenly fail.

Replacing a battery is not that simple. Especially in the latest generation of smartphones. The devices of recent years have a built-in battery and to replace it is necessary to disassemble the smartphone, risking losing the warranty. In some cases it is better to buy a new smartphone directly without replacing the old battery.

Consider buying a new smartphone

If you are tired that the battery of your smartphone is not as durable as your needs would like, then you can consider buying a new device, perhaps in installments with one of the mobile phone providers. Visit the offers below: