Why it is important to update PC and smartphone operating system

Updating the operating system allows you to improve the security of your device, get new features and increase performance

"A new version of the operating system is available, press ok to update". This is the typical message you receive when an operating system update is available for your smartphone or computer: an operation that can take a few minutes (as it happens with minor updates), but also a few hours (in the case of the change, for example, from Windows 8 to Windows 10).

Usually for the user it's a hassle to update the operating system: you lose precious minutes that could be used to play games or update your Facebook account. But that's not really the case. Updating the operating system is very important, both for computers and smartphones. For example, if companies had updated their OS, they wouldn't have suffered from the hacking attack by WannaCry and Petya, the two ransomwares that have affected over 300 thousand computers.

When people think about OS update, they never take into account the benefits that the update can bring. Not only does it improve your device's cybersecurity by sheltering it from hacker attacks, but it also allows for new features and improved performance. Here are the reasons why you need to upgrade the operating system of your computer and smartphone.

Improves cyber security

A premise before explaining the importance of having an updated operating system: upgrading is not an imposition, no software house will force you to switch to a new version of the OS, but if you want to keep up with the times it is highly recommended to do so.

The first reason why it is important to upgrade the operating system is cyber security. With each update, the software house fixes the bugs and flaws present in the previous version: in case a hacker discovers the problem, he could exploit it to carry out an attack. By updating the operating system you don't have these problems. By updating the OS, the device becomes impregnable for viruses and malware.

Introduces new features

Every time software houses release a major update (such as Windows 10 Creators Update, Android Nougat or iOS 11), new features are introduced that were not present in previous versions. In most cases, these are new programs or applications that are very useful in everyday life and can simplify certain actions.

Improves performance

In the intentions of software houses, operating system updates should also improve device performance. Very often this doesn't happen due to compatibility issues with smartphones and computers, so you should check if your device is supported by the new update.

Usually, updates improve performance and also fix small bugs that are guilty of slowing down computers and smartphones.