How to make Instagram’s Best Nine 2019

As every year-end, comes the appointment with the photo sharing platform's Best Nine. Here's how to make your own Instagram collage

By now, it's become a year-end custom for Instagram users. As happens, for example, even on Spotify, with the arrival of the last days of the year, on the social network for images you can find out which are the posts that have received the most likes during the previous 12 months. A real ranking, which is then transformed into a photographic collage to be published on your profile.

In this way, our followers will also be able to know which photos and videos were the most appreciated by the members and which have collected the most hearts. The feature is called Best Nine Instagram, allows you to see (and show others) the best nine photos of the year and, despite what you might think, is not made available directly from Instagram. To make best nine Instagram, in fact, you'll have to use third-party apps and services, to which you provide access to our profile (and the information contained therein). If you are afraid that this data can be used for other purposes, avoid creating your own Best nine Instagram.

How to make Best Nine on Instagram 2019

To make the collage with the Instagram photos that got the most likes in 2019, it is necessary, as mentioned, to use third-party services, either in the form of a web platform or in the form of an app for Android or iPhone. The most widely used website for creating and posting Instagram's best nine is, without much imagination, Simply enter your Instagram ID in the field in the center of the home page and wait a few seconds for the portal to retrieve the images with the most likes and compose the photo collage. The site does not require any authorization, but can only work with public accounts: if you have a private account you will have to use other services.

The Best Nine app, developed by ASN Group and available for free on both Android and iPhone, requires login with Instagram credentials and, therefore, can also work with private accounts. In this case, therefore, evaluate what permissions the app asks for, so you can find out what data it will have access to. Among other options, this app lets you rearrange the collage of your Instagram photos to your liking and, if you want, add a background soundtrack.

How to make Best Nine on Instagram by hand

There is then a second way that you can go, provided you have a good dose of patience and you haven't posted too many photos over the year. This way allows you to protect your personal data inside, without having to use any third-party apps or services. Very simply, you'll just have to scroll through your profile, locate which posts have the most likes and retrieve the photos from your device's memory. Now all you have to do is use Instagram's Layout app to create the photo collage with the shape you like best and upload it to your profile.