WhatsApp iPhone changes: coming Boomerang feature

According to some anticipations on the Net, WhatsApp would be about to introduce a new feature "copied" from Instagram. Here's how it will change

WhatsApp and Instagram will soon resemble each other a bit more: it is coming also on the instant messaging service of the Facebook group the Boomerang effect for looping videos already seen on the social of images. The feature is under development but should not miss much to see it on our smartphones.

The site WABetaInfo reports, famous for many leaks that have since become reality, adding that this feature will come initially for the iOS version of WhatsApp and only after for Android. The Boomerang feature is not yet available because it still needs to be refined, so if you have installed the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS and you don't find it, don't worry: it will come later. Boomerang videos are not new at all and there have been several apps to create them for a long time. The Boomerang feature arrived on Instagram in 2015, as a separate app, and then was integrated into the main app. On WhatsApp it arrives directly among the available effects, as an additional feature.

How the Boomerang effect works

The Boomerang effect on WhatsApp will be identical to the one already seen on Instagram and will have the same function: to play a video in a loop, making it go first forward and then backward. The option will be available in the video editing screen after recording (the same one that allows the user to convert a video to GIF or add emoticons text and other elements) and will only be available for videos no longer than 7 seconds. Videos with this effect, like all others, will be able to be shared with our contacts or used as a status update.

WhatsApp gets closer to Instagram

The introduction of boomerang videos even on WhatsApp is yet another move to bring different Facebook group apps closer together, which, according to many, will sooner or later be merged (or almost) to create a single, gigantic user base. In the meantime, Facebook has decided to change the names of the Instagram and WhatsApp apps, which will soon be on the PlayStore and the App Store under the names Instagram from Facebook and WhatsApp from Facebook.

On iOS devices, however, WhatsApp may soon have problems due to an update contained in the next version of Apple's operating system (version 13, coming in September), which will prevent it from running in the background. It's likely, then, that the Boomerang feature won't be the only new feature for WhatsApp in the coming months.