Instagram, new effects for Boomerang videos: how they work

The boomerang videos of Instagram Stories are enriched with new effects: there are four new features. Here's what you can do with your content

The boomerang is one of the many features offered by Instagram. It is designed especially for those who love to share their Stories and allows you to make mini-videos in which the same action is repeated in a loop for a few seconds. The Story can then be decorated with stickers and GIFs or accompanied by a song, chosen from those available on the app.

The result is really funny and catchy, so much so that the boomerang over time has gained a lot of notoriety and is now one of the most popular features of Instagram Stories. If you also love to create your content with this effect, there are some interesting news for you: the platform will introduce 4 new modes, available for all Android and iOS devices by January 2020. The news comes just a few weeks after the introduction of Layout, and will help enrich the options offered by Stories.

New on Instagram: the new effects for boomerangs?

In late 2019, Instagram introduced Layout, the feature that allows you to post photo collages in your Stories. It's a real revolution, which after a long time has satisfied the needs of many users, who until then had to rely on external apps to combine multiple photos into a single Story.

Now there's one more new feature and it's aimed at lovers of the famous boomerangs: within a few weeks, an update will arrive that will allow you to apply effects to the famous looping mini-clips. Specifically, there are four functions: SlowMo, Echo, Duo and Trimming.

SlowMo is a mode that allows you to slow down the boomerang just as if it were in slow motion; Echo instead applies the so-called motion blur, the effect that creates a light trail behind the person or object in motion filmed in the video; Duo transforms the movie in a loop proposing it with a sort of digitized graphics, then puts his hand purely to the aesthetics of the video; finally Trimming prolongs the length of the movie by a few seconds. We don't know the details yet, but surely to access the effects it will be necessary to start a new Story and choose the boomerang mode. From there, the four options to make the videos more engaging will be presented.

Instagram communicates the news with a tweet

All the new features were officially presented in a tweet by Instagram. The published tweet also contained a GIF that briefly presented one of the new boomerang effects. The text only talks about the first three features, "? SlowMo ? Echo ?♀️ Duo. Boomerang has some creative new effects that will have you exclaiming "yeah!". Try them all out today." As for the fourth feature, called Trimming, there's no official word.