IO app, the new feature to register co-badge cards: what changes

The latest version of the IO app integrates co-badge cards among the payment methods: you will be able to add circuits that are not enabled for online payments. What changes for Cashback

Co-badge cards arrive on the IO app after months of waiting. The app for payments to the Public Administration and for the Cashback program has released the latest version, which also integrates and simplifies the registration of cards that are not enabled for online payments.

The new feature released for the IO app will allow users to add among the payment methods even cards on international circuits that until now were not activated in the Wallet section. In this way, it will also be possible to register the second circuit of PagoBANCOMAT cards, such as V-Pay and Maestro. By registering the second circuit, which until now was excluded from the Cashback system, users will be able to use it to accumulate 10% refunds of purchases made with electronic payment methods. At the moment, only a number of banks support the registration of their co-badge cards, but the functionality will gradually be extended by other banking institutions.

App IO integrates co-badge cards: what changes for Cashback

In the latest version of the IO app, a feature has been released that gradually, based on the adherence of one's bank, will allow users to add co-badge cards as a method of payment in the Wallet section, i.e. those debit or credit cards with dual circuit, one of which is not enabled for online payments.

This is an important innovation for users, since these cards could not be activated in the app by not allowing the card verification operation. Ad esempio, molti utenti hanno potuto registrare il circuito PagoBANCOMAT della propria carta, ma non quello V-Pay o Maestro. Permettendo la registrazione e attivazione anche del secondo circuito, le transazioni effettuate su V-Pay o Maestro concorreranno ad accumulare il rimborso del Cashback.

App IO, le banche che supportano la nuova funzione

La nuova funzionalità al momento è supportata solo da alcuni istituti bancari, mentre gli altri la attiveranno gradualmente nei prossimi tempi. Le banche che supportano la funzione, che è disponibile nell’ultima versione di app IO, sono:

  • Banca Sella
  • Banco BPM
  • Crédit Agricole
  • Gruppo BPER Banca
  • Gruppo ICCREA
  • Ubi Banca
  • UniCredit

L’elenco è disponibile sul sito dell’app IO cliccando su questo link e viene costantemente aggiornato. Tra gli istituti di credito che stanno lavorando per supportare le carte co-badge ci sono: Intesa Sanpaolo, Cassa Centrale Banca and Poste Italiane.

App IO and co-badge cards: how to add them to your Wallet

Usersers who have already registered a PagoBANCOMAT card in the Wallet section of the IO app will be able to add the second international circuit, such as V-Pay or Maestro, as an additional payment method. To do this, simply start with the PagoBAMCOMAT card and follow the instructions: if the user's bank is already included in the service, the card associated with that circuit will be displayed as a new payment method to be added among those saved in their Wallet.

In case a new PagoBANCOMAT card is registered in the Wallet, users will be automatically guided by the IO app to register also the second supported circuit, if the bank is among those supporting the new function. In both cases, after completing the operation, the card will be activated for both circuits and can be used for transactions valid to accumulate Cashback.