WhatsApp, update coming: what changes on the iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone updates with two small changes that improve the app's interface. Here's what it's all about

After a rather long hiatus, even the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS is back to update. And it does so with some small but significant changes. Developers have been busy for several months now on the new features that will arrive on the application in the coming months, starting with the ability to use the same WhatsApp account on different devices. A new tool that requires a lot of time for development and testing and that will see the light only during the summer.

To not leave users alone, WhatsApp technicians are focusing on small improvements, such as those present in version of WhatsApp beta for iOS. These are two small novelties that have made their debut on the iPhone and very soon will be released in the stable version. The first novelty concerns the new interface of the content menu within the chats, both individual and group. The second, however, does not concern the introduction of a new tool, but the cancellation (temporary) of one presented a few weeks ago. This is the new mask to share images and videos faster among your contacts: due to problems caused to other functions of the app, it was momentarily deleted.

WhatsApp for iPhone: new chat menu arrives

In version of WhatsApp beta for iOS, the new interface for the content menu makes its debut. The technicians decided to update it to make it prettier and similar to the visual identity of the app. They are new icons of the various features and slightly different font used. Nothing that changes the use of WhatsApp, but a simple refresh to the user interface.

WhatsApp, deleted the new feature to share images and videos

In an article a few weeks ago we had mentioned the arrival of a new feature that made it easier to share images and videos within WhatsApp. The tool made its debut on version 2.20.40 of WhatsApp beta for iOS, but in the latest update it was removed. The reason is very simple: it was causing problems for WhatsApp, with the app suddenly closing. Technicians are studying the problem and the feature will be available again when they are fixed.

How to install the new WhatsApp features

The two new features are present in version of WhatsApp beta for iOS. To access the beta program you need to sign up and download the ad hoc app. If you don't want to risk losing all your data on WhatsApp, you can wait for the release of the "normal" version as well, which should happen in the coming weeks.