Huawei smartphones, security update coming: what changes

Huawei is releasing a security update for its smartphones that goes to fix several serious issues. Here are which ones

Security updates don't only affect computers (the Patch Tuesdays that Microsoft releases for Windows 10 every month have become famous), but also smartphones and tablets. Especially those in the Android world that, being an open source operating system, it is easier for hackers to exploit any security holes to get hold of sensitive data. For this reason, every month Google and manufacturers release security updates that you absolutely must download to protect your device.

Under this point of view, Huawei is always among the first companies to announce security patches coming out every month. A few days before the beginning of May, it has already announced the new update that will fix several bugs reported in recent weeks by users or uncovered by various information researchers. These vulnerabilities are quite important: in total there are twenty-six of which two of critical level, that is the highest and most dangerous. Here's what the May 2020 security update for Huawei and Honor smartphones provides.

EMUI, security update: what's new

Totally, there are twenty-six vulnerabilities that are patched with the May 2020 security update for Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets. In fact, the update will affect both devices with EMUI and Magic UI (present on some Honor devices).

The 26 vulnerabilities are classified with three levels of dangerousness: 2 are serious, 22 are high level and 2 are medium level. What vulnerabilities do they fix? These are flaws that were already announced by Android engineers in previous weeks and that manufacturers have made their own by releasing an ad hoc security update. These are system bugs and vulnerabilities that, if exploited, would have endangered user data and smartphone security.

When will the update be available

There is no date for the release of the security update, the expectation is that it will arrive in the coming weeks.