WhatsApp, on iPhone name changes and new features arrive

The words "from Facebook" have been added on the iOS version of WhatsApp. Also coming is support for Memoji, the 3D stickers

We anticipated this a few weeks ago and now it has become official: WhatsApp is changing its name. On the beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone, on the homepage of the app there is a small writing at the bottom with the new name of the app "WhatsApp from Facebook". It's certainly not a momentous change for the app, but it is an important signal: the Menlo Park company has begun to mark its territory and brand its most important applications. The same will happen to Instagram, which will become "Instagram from Facebook".

For the moment, the name change has occurred only on the beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone (the number, but we do not rule out that soon will be released the update for the official version. This is not a new feature that has to pass tests, but simply the modification of a writing. In the new beta version of the messaging application, in addition to the name change, a new feature was also added very nice: support for Memoji stickers present on iPhone X, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs.

WhatsApp for iPhone, comes support for Memoji

The support for Memoji stickers, 3D emoticons that can be created with the front camera of the iPhone X, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs, was a request of users, who have been waiting for it for some time now. For the moment, the new feature is available in the beta version: if the tests are successful it will arrive on the official version in a few weeks.

Utilizing them is very simple: memoji are available within the multimedia content in a section called "Memoji Stickers". With the new stickers, WhatsApp chats will become nicer and funnier.

Why WhatsApp for iPhone is changing its name

Users need not worry, the WhatsApp name change will not involve any kind of changes. It is a simple textual change, the app's functionality will remain the same, indeed in the coming months it will be improved and perfected.

The decision comes directly from the Menlo Park company that wants to mark the territory and make users understand who really develops the applications. "WhatsApp from Facebook" will be identical to the WhatsApp we have always used.

It is likely that the addition of the words "from Facebook" is the first step towards the unification of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct, a project confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg himself and on which Facebook is already working. It should be completed in a few years. But the three applications will not disappear: very simply, a user will be able to use the app they prefer to send messages. For example, it will be possible to reply on WhatsApp to a message received on Instagram Direct.