Facebook changes again: coming soon the Explore feature

This is a feature that allows you to view articles, images and videos posted by people or pages you don't follow

Facebook has been very active lately. After introducing the smart algorithm that helps prevent suicide attempts, Zuckerberg's social network may soon launch some news also regarding the news section, commonly known as News Feed.

Facebook has also started testing on Android "Explore", a tab that was introduced a few weeks ago on iOS. What is it all about? The new feature simply allows you to view on your profile articles, photos and videos posted by users or pages that you don't follow. The data collected is proposed to users based on their interests. The feature, which is still in the testing phase, will make the experience of Facebook members even more personalized. The social network's algorithm also shows how many people among friends have looked at or left a like, or one of the Facebook Reactions, to the content.

How the Explore feature works

Explore is currently available to a limited number of users. As mentioned, the new feature is still in the testing phase. This means that only beta subscribers will be able to view the tab in their applications. In fact, there is no information if and when the new feature will be usable by everyone. How does it work? It's very simple: iOS users will find the feature at the bottom, while those of the green robot at the top right. At this point just press the "Explore" button to view new content or continue with the normal feed by clicking on the "Home" button.