Facebook, new albums coming soon. Inside not only photos

The social network revolutionizes albums, turning them into "collections" of memories. Possible to add, in addition to photos, also videos, posts and check in in the loca

New change in sight for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's social network has started to distribute - at the moment for Android users and for the website - an update related to the albums: users will be able to add videos, posts, check-ins and much more within their (former) photo collections.

According to some analysts, this is yet another attempt of the social network par excellence to nibble a further slice of users (and market, above all) to Snapchat. The sharing of images, videos and posts related to a particular moment of one's life - the wedding, for example, but also a trip or the day of the discussion of the thesis - will be easier and more immediate, while friends will be able to receive notifications of any updates following one or more albums. In short, this is yet another gauntlet that one of the companies of the Zuckerberg galaxy throws at Snapchat: after the Stories on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, the clash now moves on the ground of image sharing.

How are the new Facebook albums

Born as a digital "alter ego" of the old photo albums, Facebook albums evolve into a more multimedia product. As already mentioned, in fact, alongside the photos can also be collected videos, posts and check-ins in clubs, museums, beaches and more. La nuova funzionalità consentirà agli utenti di aggiungere più facilmente gli amici in qualità di contributori e creare così album condivisi. Quelle che un tempo erano semplici raccolte fotografiche, insomma, diventeranno raccolte dei momenti più significativi della nostra vita.

album-web.pngFonte foto: redazione

Creazione dei nuovi album multimediali dal web

Come creare album multimediale su Facebook

Creare un album Facebook nella loro nuova veste non è molto differente dal creare i “vecchi” album fotografici. Nella versione web, ad esempio, si partirà dalla normale creazione di un post, al quale potranno poi essere aggiunti stati d’animo, geolocalizzazione, sticker e quant’altro. In the lower part of the form, however, appears the new blue button "Album": clicking on it you can choose the collection to which add the multimedia element - photographic, video or text does not matter - that you are creating.