Apple and GE bring iOS inside Industry 4.0

Apple and General Electric have partnered to make business software for use on iPhones and iPads

Apple and General Electric are working to make a series of implementations to iOS devices designed for businesses. This is an important step forward for Cupertino that with this partnership decides to invest significantly in the business sector and in the recent context of Industry 4.0.

Based on the new agreement GE will adapt its enterprise devices to iOS systems, in simple words providing iPad and iPhone to its more than 300 thousand employees, while Apple will promote the Predix solution, created by General Electric, as an analytical platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to recommend to its customers and developers. This is not just an interchange between two companies. Cupertino, with this partnership, intends to become a global leader in digital transformation processes for companies. Considering also the fact that GE's software is the most widely used in SMBs and large corporations around the world.

Apple and General Electric Partnership

Apple's decision is to enter an industry, that of enterprise devices and software, which according to early estimates will be worth $17 billion by 2035. The key to success in this field is the Internet of Things. In fact, this technology will be used in almost every device on the factory floor. From employee wearables to smart sensors for machines. In practice with this union Apple and GE will try to make very sophisticated enterprise software that will run exclusively on iPhones and iPads. Among the first tools that the two companies will create are programs for predictive maintenance of machines, including automated ones. There will also be software designed for the safety of the company's employees. Thanks to various IoT sensors, workers will be alerted immediately in case of danger, such as fire, gas leaks or other chemicals.