Plex wants to bring all streaming services together in one app

Plex, a free app for watching movies and TV series wants to bring Netflix and Amazon Prime Video together in one platform

If you're a fan of movies and TV series, Plex could become your platform of choice. Still not familiar with it? It's an app that allows you to organize movies, TV series and other content from your own collection or from online services you're subscribed to. It landed in Italy in December and has already become a phenomenon in the multimedia content market.

The reason is simple: the news related to its evolution are chasing each other. A few days ago, the company's spokesperson announced a new goal for 2020. In fact, the company plans to bring together within its app all the major online streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and so on. In a nutshell, soon it might be possible to have all your favorite TV series available within one channel. No longer will you have to jump from one platform or device to another to enjoy them. You'll be able to create your own libraries and playlists so you'll always have what you love available.

Plex: all streaming services in one?

During the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the famous Las Vegas trade show dedicated to the novelties of the digital world, the company Plex took center stage. The reason? It is a new, but really promising service, full of features and above all captained by a very ambitious team.

The most important news is that the company is working to increase the titles available in its archive, and specifically it would like to buy or rent a lot of the content already offered by other famous streaming services.

At the same time, it would like to become the hub of all the online streaming services that people are subscribed to. For example, if a person has both a Netflix and an Amazon Prime Video account, they will be able to use Plex to have all the content available to them in one channel. These will be categorized by genre and category and can be organized according to individual tastes and needs.

At the same time as paid titles from external streaming platforms, Plex will also continue to offer free native content, offered with the inclusion of advertisements. Alongside movies and TV series, it is also working to offer music, thanks to integration with TIDAL, and podcasts.

What is the future of Plex?

Keith Valoj, the company's spokesperson, told us what the company would like to achieve within 12 months: "our goal is to become the only platform capable of uniting all streaming services in a single app by 2020".

At the moment, Plex offers around 40,000 titles, but there is plenty of room to improve and increase the offer. In short, this is an innovative service that could revolutionize one of the most flourishing markets of the moment: the video streaming market.