LG, TV that rolls up will go on sale in 2019

The Korean company is expected to soon market the TV that rolls up previewed last year. It shouldn't be the only new feature in Las Vegas

During CES 2018, held in the first half of January 2018, it was one of the stars of LG's pavilions. Perhaps, the absolute protagonist. However, the product that has most attracted the attentions of curious and industry insiders. And, according to the usual well-informed, in CES 2019 should repeat the experience, presenting itself in a renewed appearance for the occasion.

Not only that: 2019 should also be the year in which the LG's rollable TV will finally go on sale. According to some rumors coming from Asia and the United States, in fact, the Korean manufacturer would have finished the testing phase and would finally be ready to be put on the market. At the moment there is no other information: it is likely that during the Consumer Electronic Show in January 2019, LG will provide other details, such as the price of the TV that rolls up, the release date and the countries where it will be available.

How is the TV that rolls up by LG

His first appearance, as mentioned, took place during CES 2018, leaving more than a few curious people speechless. The roll-up TV, specifically, consists of a 65-inch OLED panel and a parallelepiped-shaped base designed to "house" the screen once the user wants to close it up. The retractable system is operated by some buttons on the base that allow you to set the size of the screen depending on the content you want to see. If, for example, you're watching a regular TV show, you can set it to 16:9; if, however, you're watching a movie, you can set the 21:9 cinematic format, so you can fully enjoy the "movie" experience without black bands on the sides.

What will LG present at CES 2019

During the U.S. event, LG is expected to present a world premiere of other noteworthy products as well. According to Evan Blass, well-known leaker of the mobile world, CES 2019 should be the chosen stage to present a foldable smartphone, similar in shape and concept to Samsung's Galaxy F. Not only that: in those days, in fact, should also arrive the first 5G smartphone of the Korean company.