Online sale of medicines, 525 authorized resellers

The 444 pharmacies that have obtained the pass from the Ministry and 81, instead, are the parapharmacies. In first place is Piedmont. Last Trento and Calabria

The growth of e-commerce in Italy, which in 2016 reached an increase of 16%, also passes through the sale of products that until some time ago it was possible to buy only exclusively in stores. Such as food and especially medicines.

According to the website, which specializes in collecting information regarding the world of pharmacies, since the regulation allowing the online sale of Sop medicines, i.e. non-prescription drugs, and OTC ones, i.e. over-the-counter drugs, came into force, the number of authorizations of telematic pharmacies has increased to 525. Looking in detail at the data published by, we discover that 444 pharmacies have obtained the pass from the Ministry and 81 are parapharmacies. The Italian electronic commerce of medicines, therefore, is moving, making a great leap forward.

Data by region: Piedmont at the top

Dividing the data by region, we realize that it is Piedmont that has the highest number of pharmacies on the Internet: out of 85 telematic exercises, 72 are pharmacies and 13 are parapharmacies. The second step is occupied by Lombardy, which has given the green light to 71 pharmacies and 6 parapharmacies. In third place is Campania, with 59 pharmacies and 7 parapharmacies. The authorizations for the other regions are fairly good. Sicily, for example, has a total of 23 online stores, Sardinia 21 and Tuscany 28. Excellent results have been obtained in Lazio, which can count on 47 authorizations, and in Emilia Romagna, which has reached 49 concessions.

No concession, instead, for the province of Trento and for the Calabria Region, which still cannot distribute medicines electronically.