Google abandons the production and sale of its tablets

Somewhat surprisingly, Google announces its intention to sospsendere the development and distribution of Pixel tablets. Big G will focus on Chromebook and Chrome OS

That ideas from the parts of Mountain View change rather quickly is a well-known fact. Of projects to work on there are plenty and, in case someone does not make as expected, the top Google decide to put it aside and focus on something else. So, less than a year after the presentation in grand style, the Pixel Slate is already retired.

In fact, Big G has announced that it will no longer work on the development of any tablet, canceling the development of the two heirs of the Slide that were already in the pipeline. After some rumors circulated in the past days, the news has been confirmed by Rick Osterloh, director of the hardware division. In a tweet published by his account, Osterloh confirms the "death" of Google's tablets and provides details on what are the future strategies of Big G in the hardware sector.

Google: no more tablets to focus on laptops

"Yes, it's true... Google's HARDWARE team will focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of laptops. A decision that should not be misunderstood: the Android and Chrome OS teams are 100% committed and long-term to working with our partners in developing tablets for all market segments (consumer, enterprise, edu)." From this message published by who is in charge of the hardware designers of the Mountain View company we can get some important news about the future of Google.

As said, stop the tablet, clearly no longer functional to the strategy and growth of Google. Much better to focus on the creation of Chromebooks, the cheap laptops that have managed to win slices in the medium-low end of the market. This, however, does not mean a total disengagement from the world of tablets: the Android team will continue to make versions of the operating system that work on larger screens than phablets and smartphones on the market today.

What happened to Google's tablets?

If these were the certain news about the future of Google devices, there are still some shadows on what happened to the two heirs of the Slate. According to some rumors, the quality tests conducted on the various models and prototypes made have not satisfied the technicians of the Mountain View company. So, instead of trashing and starting over, they preferred to put an end to the whole project. A sudden decision, it seems: the same team members were notified of this evolution only last Wednesday.