GTA 5 down today, what’s going on

Since 12:00 noon on May 16, 2020 GTA V is not working and not allowing users to access the online servers. Here’s what is accessing Update May 17 After yesterday’s problems, GTA V has problems today (May 17) as well. Many users since 12:00 are unable to access the game, when you try to enter, … Read more

Alice in Borderland: what the Japanese series is about

Alice in Borderland enters the Top 10 of Netflix, this is the Squid Game effect: here’s why it’s what the TV series is about The success of Squid Game has had important repercussions on Netflix: in addition to grossing the platform breathtaking figures, it has brought back to popularity another Asian series. Its title is … Read more

What the new MacBook Pro, Air, Mini and Mac Pro will look like

Hype over the M1 chips having died down, Cupertino is preparing for the next steps (and chips). The most credible rumors about the future of Apple’s computer range. Having shown to the world the potential of the new M1 chip, much higher than expected, Apple is in the position to give continuity to the new … Read more

How to download Google Maps offline

Google Maps allows you to download maps even offline and use them if the Internet is down. But pay attention to the available memory on your smartphone With the arrival of summer, many are planning their vacations. There are those who go to the beach, those who go on excursions and those who discover a … Read more