The Witcher: Netflix unveils new details about the spin-off

Actress and model Jodie Turner-Smith joins the cast: she will play the warrior √Čile and will have a crucial role in the plot, here are the details. The wait is growing for the prequel to The Witcher: Blood Origin. Netflix had announced the arrival during the summer of 2020, and now finally released more details … Read more

How Scientists Managed to Weigh Black Holes

The rebus is not the easiest: how to weigh a space object with the help of a telescope? How scientists have managed to weigh black holes. The mass of a black hole is more important than you might imagine – and it’s no coincidence that it’s part of the information scientists would like to know, … Read more

Cicli Olympia launches the e-bike with infinite autonomy

Italian company Cicli Olympia launches four models of pedal-assisted bicycles with the 900WH PowerNine battery on board that ensures 290 kilometers of autonomy Technology applied to automotive also arrives in pedal-assisted e-bikes. The Italian company Cicli Olympia has added to its 2020 catalog some new e-bike models with a very interesting feature: a battery that … Read more