The camera of the future according to Oppo

Oppo ready to raise the quality of its smartphones, which judging by the announced news could be cameraphones. Oppo is a world-renowned brand in great growth, which over the years has proven to produce great quality smartphones on every market segment. A great contribution has come from the subsidiary Realme, which in recent times has … Read more

The most secure passwords? They are passphrases

These are a set of words, or alphanumeric strings, provided by the user in order to access an operating system, program or network Every day when we log in or sign up for a new service on the Internet we use a password as our access key. And we do it believing that this is a … Read more

How YouTube Music works, the music streaming service

Also Google has entered the music streaming services with YouTube Music, a digital platform to listen to music and see clips from the official catalog of the American company. This proposal is a viable alternative to emblazoned services such as Spotify and Apple Music, designed specifically for Android users and YouTube fans, with the possibility … Read more