Italy, boom of connections for Fortnite and Call of Duty

Forced closure at home is leading many kids to spend more hours at home and increases traffic on network infrastructures due to Fornite “We have noticed a 70% increase in internet traffic on our lines, with a great contribution given by online games like Fortnite”. These are the words of Luigi Gubitosi, CEO of Telecom … Read more

How to use gestures with Windows 10

Microsoft in its operating system has included the ability to access some quick and hidden functions simply with finger touches Microsoft with the Windows 10 operating system has improved¬†gestures. That is, quick touches to be used for hidden functions. A system to improve the user experience that had already been introduced with Windows 8. However, … Read more

Windows 10, latest update makes Paint and Notepad disappear

Some users are complaining about Paint and Notepad disappearing from Windows 10, without any logical explanation. Here’s what’s going on After the latest Windows 10 cumulative security update, the July 2020 Patch Tuesday that brought 123 fixes against as many vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s operating system, some users are reporting the disappearance of some pieces of … Read more

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not the same thing

Often confused, these are two interrelated but different technologies: artificial intelligence creates the architecture, machine learning improves it We often hear people talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning, two terms whose common denominator is the latest revolutions in technology. But what is artificial intelligence and how does it differ from machine learning? To answer … Read more