Xiaomi Mi Band 5, here’s the official launch date

The Mi Band 5 will be officially unveiled by the Chinese company on June 11. Expected to arrive in Europe at the end of June, beginning of July We have the official date: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be officially presented in China on June 11. To give the news is directly the Chinese company … Read more

American Horror Stories: 16 new cast members unveiled

One of the most anticipated spin offs of the season will be released in a few days and a few hours ago the cast members were revealed July 15 is just a few days away, the official release date of one of the most anticipated series of the season American Horror Stories, spin off of … Read more

Facebook, Paid Groups arrive

Facebook is testing a new feature for paid groups. At the moment they will only cover specific topics and not all groups on the social Facebook through a post on its official blog has announced the birth of a new feature: paid groups. At the moment the new feature of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media is … Read more

Android smartphones, beware of keyboard apps

Some computer researchers have discovered that the AI.Type Keyboard app has endangered the data of more than 30 million users Many times we’ve talked about the cybersecurity issues that affect the Android mobile operating system on a daily basis. All too often, the security systems of the Google Play Store are “overwhelmed” by applications developed … Read more