Xiaomi Mi Band 5, here’s the official launch date

The Mi Band 5 will be officially unveiled by the Chinese company on June 11. Expected to arrive in Europe at the end of June, beginning of July

We have the official date: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be officially presented in China on June 11. To give the news is directly the Chinese company on WeChat, social and messaging app widely used in the East. In this way Xiaomi puts to rest all the rumors that came out in recent weeks that spoke of a possible delay in the release of the Mi Band 5 caused by Coronavirus. This is not the case, as last year the activity tracker will be launched in June.

In addition to the official presentation date, some features of the smart band have also been revealed and confirmed. From the source code of Mi Fit, Xiaomi's app to analyze all the data collected by the wearable, interesting news emerge: it is sure to support Alexa and many new outdoor sports that will make the activity tracker even more indispensable. We don't know the date of arrival in Italy and the official launch price, but it shouldn't be very different from last year's: just over 30 euros.

The features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

How will the Mi Band 5 look like? What will be the new features designed by the Chinese company? In recent weeks there are many leaked news about how the smart band will change. The most interesting novelty concerns the screen: larger (1.2 inches), fully in color and with more information to be able to monitor. As for the functionality, it has been confirmed support for Alexa: through voice commands will be able to manage the devices of the smart home. There are also rumors about the presence of another very special feature: the ability to control the camera of the smartphone to which the smart band is connected.

More support for physical activities: from the images leaked online will be added new sports and new types of training. The debate about support for NFC technology still remains open. It will definitely be present on the model launched in China, while there will not be on the European Mi Band 5. But there are hopes that it will be added in the future: in fact it is expected the launch in Russia of a Mi Band 4 with NFC, the first to arrive in Europe.

How much will cost the Mi Band 5

Launch scheduled for June 11 in China with availability that will probably be immediate. There are still no official confirmations regarding the price: it could cost about 199 yuan, just over 25 euros at current exchange rates. In Italy it is likely that the price exceeds 30 euros because of taxes. For the arrival on the European market we must wait for the official communication of Xiaomi.