How to check your insurance expiry date

Checking the expiry date of your car insurance is a very important aspect of managing your vehicle as it eliminates the risk of incurring penalties and gives you the tools you need to identify, well in advance, the best options to maximize savings on your policy. Car insurance is an annual policy and the policyholder … Read more

How to watch Inter-PSV Champions League live streaming

Unmissable match and from inside or outside for Inter in the Champions League, so here’s how to follow Inter-PSV live streaming from smartphone, PC or tablet After the defeat against Juventus in Serie A,┬áLuciano Spalletti’s Inter is called to return to victory in the last decisive match of the Champions League against the Dutch of … Read more

Microsoft changes plans for HoloLens, in 2019 the third version

The U.S. company after canceling the second model of its mixed reality viewers is working on an even more cutting-edge version A little over two years ago Microsoft showed the world the first HoloLens. For Redmond it’s a wearable holographic computer, for the rest of the world it’s augmented reality viewers. And meanwhile, Microsoft has … Read more