Huawei vs. Elon Musk and Amazon for satellite broadband

While on Earth the electronics giants are challenging each other for 5G higher up in space, another battle has just begun: who will win the 6G challenge? The space around Earth could very soon welcome the first two satellites “signed” by Huawei. Already in July. The indiscretion would come from internal sources of the company, … Read more

How to recover deleted iCloud files

Do you want to recover deleted files from iCloud? The system allows you to restore photos, videos, contacts and all the documents you need. Here’s how to do it iCloud is an essential tool for Apple users. It allows you to store and share documents of different types: photos, music, videos, apps and much more. … Read more

Windows 10, how to format and erase data safely

When we have to sell or give away our PC it is important to erase all traces of our documents and programs, here’s how to do it in a few clicks When we are about to give away or sell a computer one of the many steps to take is to format the hard drive. … Read more

What is Monterossi about – the series

Amazon Original announces new content: what is it about and when is Monterossi  – the series coming to the Prime Video platform Monterossi is the new television series based on the novels by Alessandro Robecchi and is preparing to debut on Amazon Prime Video with an exceptional protagonist: Fabrizio Bentivoglio. Carlo Monterossi is the main … Read more

Cosa sono gli Nft e a cosa servono

Tutti ne parlano ma pochi hanno capito cosa sono: gli NFT sono il tema caldo del mondo della tecnologia e dell’arte. Da alcuni mesi c’è un acronimo che si sente sempre più spesso nel mondo tech e in quello dell’arte: NFT, Non Fungible Token. In italiano di solito NFT viene tradotto con l’espressione “gettone non … Read more